TruFuelis a 0% Ethanol engineered fuel and is sold as a 4 Cycle Fuel as well as a 2 Cycle, pre-mixed Oil/Fuel.

 How to Store Equipment with TruFuel:

Drain out the gas in the fuel tank, pour in a can of TruFuel and run your equipment for 5-10 minutes to flush the system. This should be enough time to burn off any unstable fuel in the Carburetor and protect your equipment in the off season. Leave only TruFuel in the fuel tank for storage.

 Once TruFuel has been added to the fuel system, DO NOT add regular gasoline until equipment is ready to be used!

The majority of problems we see in our shop at the beginning of each season are all fuel related issues due to the increase of ethanol in our fuel supplies.

 Ethanol will absorb the moisture out of the air and cause water to build up in the fuel system. Ethanol dries out and cracks critical carburetor parts such as needles, seats, diaphragms, and gaskets.


If  your equipment does not start or has running issues after it has been sitting for more than a month the problem is often related to deteriorated fuel. Gasoline alone will deteriorate in as little as 30 days and can cause varnish deposits in your fuel system.

 Draining out old fuel does not guarantee that harmful fuel will not be left in the Carburetor!

Please follow these steps to ensure your equipment will run properly when you need it:

  •  All fuel used in your equipment should have an Octane rating of 87 or higher and contain no more that 10% Ethanol.
  • Purchase only the amount of gasoline that will be used within 30 days. Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel the day you buy it, this will keep the gasoline fresh for up to 90 days.
  • Use 0% Ethanol TruFuel when storing equipment for 30 days or more. OR use TruFuel alone as a primary fuel source.

Storing Equipment and Preventing Carburetor Issues

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